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Analyze Java related applets and binaries and get a detailed insight on the source code that has been used

If you are Java developer, you might know the functionality of a compiler and a decomplier. A complier converts the source code into machine readable form while the decomplier does the exact opposite and helps convert machine readable code into a format which is understandable by humans. The DJ Java Decompiler has been specifically designed to help Java developers gain more knowledge about Java binaries and applets. Since the end result is not the exact source code that was originally developed, users of the program should not blindly trust the results and use it as a base for developing new source code. The latest iteration of the Windows operating system is not supported by this program while it supports all the previous versions. Once you have installed DJ Java Decompiler in your machine, all you need to do in order to open the concerned files is just perform a simple drag and drop act and the file will be opened for you in a few seconds. The program also has complete support for syntax-coloring which can be highly useful for budding Java developers who are having a hard time understanding the various syntaxes found in the code. Users can also study the Java bytecode that using the help of this program. If your aim is generate applets in a quick and easy way, you can use the Applet Tag Editor for the purpose and achieve the desired results.
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